At the Wentz Financial Group, we take the approach of trying to understand the needs of the customer from the moment the relationship begins. We like to take time to interview the potential customer rather than just referring them to a box of investments that may not particularly coincide with that person’s investment goals. At the initial meeting, we will ask detailed questions to try to gain an understanding of the client’s goals, both short and long term, how they would like to meet those goals, and a realistic timeline to lay out how and when those goals can be met. Our mission is to build a relationship of trust and communication so that we can deliver the most effective financial guidance for our customers.


In order to monitor that we are working to bring your goals within reach, we will establish a plan to evaluate your progress as well as educating you on the current aspects of the economy and the financial markets. We will document agreed upon financial goals for us to work towards accomplishing during our relationship. This plan will then be the basis on how we select the investments in your portfolio. In order to track and manage goals and expectations, we use our financial planning software. This program allows us to input the various aspects of a client’s financial plan and align it with the goals and expectations that they have for the rest of their life. Our financial planning software creates a roadmap for your finances to help you achieve your goals for the future. It allows you to see the impact of different market conditions as well as bringing to light what changes you could make to bring your goals within reach. We will work together with you to create an effective strategy that ensures each transition on your financial path.


The investments that we select in your portfolio will be based on the plan that we derived from the interview process. From that plan, we will be able to understand the amount of risk that is tolerable for you and what lies in the future for your family. We will be committed to keeping you in line with your plan and making adjustments when necessary to keep you on track. We will use a tool known as a Blueprint to manage the amount of risk that your particular plan is taking on. As market conditions shift, we will review this Blueprint to ensure that the amount of risk is still within your comfort levels established in your initial interview. We will also revisit the Envision plan on a semi-annual basis to update any changes that have taken place as well as to monitor your progress in the plan.


As your financial management team, we will work to constantly communicate to keep you informed on the happenings in the market as well as what we are doing to monitor your plan to ensure that it stays on course. We are in constant communication with different fund managers across the country to understand the shifts in the market. We use technical analysis to determine the performance of a particular investment in comparison to others in the same sector. This analysis and communication allows us the opportunity to make appropriate moves when necessary to put you in the position to preserve your investments.


As a client of the Wentz Financial Group, you will be expected to contact us if there are ever any questions or concerns. We will always be committed to finding the answers to your questions in a timely manner. In return, we ask that if an advisor contacts you, please return their call on a timely basis. They will never call to discuss client services or upcoming events. Phone calls from the advisors will always be pertinent to the investments that you own and recommendations that they may have. Next, we expect to have a face to face or phone meeting at least once every six months. This will allow us to stay informed of any changes in work, income, savings, and with your family. All of these have a direct impact on how we manage the assets that you have given us the responsibility for.