Financial planning is more than just investment selection. It is an approach to fully understand all of the aspects that make up our clients’ lives and future goals. This is why we provide every customer with a personalized copy of their financial plan. This plan is the basis of every meeting and conversation that our advisors have with you. We have available a financial planning software program that allows us to take an in-depth look into your financial picture and show areas where changes could be made to potentially improve your financial future. The plan shows hypotheticals to outline how your financial picture could look in the future with the right preparation today.


We believe that an effective and successful financial plan is forged on the basis of communication. Our advisors work with customers one-on-one throughout the year to ensure we stay current on the changes in their lives. Whether the changes occur with work, income, savings or the family, they could have an impact on how we manage assets for a customer. Active management and active communication are the keys to ensuring that each change is prepared for and that your retirement plan is built to withstand any of life’s surprises.


Wentz Financial Group was built on the foundation of not only selecting investments for individuals that help meet their needs, but also educating those individuals on the investments they have and the reasoning behind why they have them. We take the time to review what the different types of investments are and then work with customers to make informed decisions on which investments may be right for them. In addition, we also hold regular seminars and group meetings that allow us to discuss the current happenings in the market and the economy as well as give some insight on where we see the economy going in the future. We also hold regular investment 101 classes throughout the year to give anyone the opportunity to have a customized look into the basics of what makes the markets and the economy work.


At Wentz Financial Group, we take great pride in the fact that no two people are alike in terms of their financial needs. Whether you are just getting started, or well into retirement, we believe portfolio construction should be based on your individual needs and goals.

We begin each client relationship by asking questions to learn more about what is important to you, and then we listen. We believe that communication and education are the keys to a successful financial plan. Our entire process is designed to ensure every step of your financial future is planned.

At Wentz Financial Group, we believe in Investment Management for your Lifetime.