Preparing a will is not something anyone looks forward to, but it is incredibly important. As a team at Wentz Financial Group, we are constantly surprised by the number of clients who do not have a will. It is our belief that this document is one of the most important pieces of paper to protect your family and the plans you have for the future and your estate should you pass.

Why Everyone Needs a Will

A will can also offer peace of mind to the family left behind. In a time of stress, a will can often alleviate some of the pain for your family knowing that your wishes are being adhered to based on a carefully thought out plan. A will basically serves as the roadmap for your family or trustee to follow after your passing.

A will can help outline more than just who raises your kids (for those with minors); it can help outline who receives all of your financial or tangible possessions. Often people think that a will is only needed for parents or the wealthy, but a will can help ensure your sentimental items remain with the person of your choosing. Value is often more than just monetary.

A will can also help the estate avoid a lengthy probate period and avoid lengthy legal challenges, along with the associated cost, and appoint an executor of your choosing. A will can also help you minimize estate taxes, and outline both personal and charitable gifts.

For these reasons and more, because tomorrow is never guaranteed, it is important to have a will in place today – and notably, it can be easily amended tomorrow should circumstances change. So, for my own kids, keep that in mind ?!

Please contact Wentz Financial today if you would like to meet with a trusted attorney who can assist you in drafting a will.