The holidays are a time of joy and fun, but they can also be a time for stress, especially when it comes to finances. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed this holiday season. There are ways to ensure you stay festive and holly jolly this season without going broke.

Tips for a Joyful Financial Holiday Season

  • Create a budget plan.
    • Know what your monthly income is after tax.
    • Set aside a certain amount of your paycheck for your needs, wants and savings.
    • Record your progress to make sure your spending is on track.
    • Know how much you want to spend and don’t go over that budget.
  • Plan your shopping.
    • Make a list whether it is for the grocery store or buying gifts at the mall.
    • Know what you are buying and who you are buying for.
    • Don’t fall for the stores tricks by making impulse/unnecessary purchases with their displays.
  • Only buy what you can afford.
    • Don’t risk taking money out of your emergency savings or even 401(k) account for gifts or holiday expenses.
    • Its better not to buy something rather than going into debt or depleting your savings.
  • Get creative with your gifts.
    • Give something homemade and from the heart.
    • If being crafty is something you enjoy – handmade gifts are personal, thoughtful and don’t cost a ton of money.
    • If not, it could be as simple as baking cookies or cooking dinner for someone special.
  • Enjoy the time spent with loved ones this holiday season.
    • Often, time is the best gift you can give!
    • And it is the most affordable – it’s free!

Are You Ready to Celebrate Without Worry?

As you get ready to celebrate the holiday season, remember to stick to the tips above and you will be financially sound through the remainder of the year. The holidays should be fun and not a cause of stress. Remember that this time of year!